In Person Sessions

Experience the real thing... if you dare.

I am available for in-person BDSM and wrestling sessions. I offer competitive (must be approved), semi-competitive, and fantasy (non-competitive) wrestling sessions. I also offer classic BDSM and Domination sessions and oftentimes I will combine wrestling and BDSM to create a full experience. My rate is $400/hour, there is a one hour minimum, a 50% deposit must be made at least 48 hours before our session, and my sessions take place in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA USA. 

Note: Be very clear about what you are looking for in a session when you contact me.

Also note: There is absolutely no sex involved in my in-person sessions. Do not ask, imply, or joke about it or you will be blocked.

Remote Sessions

Live far? No worries, we have technology.

If a remote session is more your jam or you want to chat with me before our in-person session takes place, I also offer Skype and phone sessions. My Skype rate is $5 per minute and my phone rate is $3 per minute, there is a 10 minute minimum for Skype and phone sessions. 

Note: My cam and phone sessions may involve anything from simple casual intelligent conversation to sexual situations so be clear about what you are looking for when you contact me.

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